Who are we?

Who are we?

Burnside Hydracyl Hydraulics Manufacturer

why choose us – history

Burnside Hydracyl is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders to OEMs of agricultural and industrial equipment. Since our inception in 1974, we have built up a reputation worldwide as specialists in the design, manufacture and distribution of hydraulic cylinders. Our ample experience guarantees a high quality product built in accordance with our IS0 9001 Quality Certification and enables us to develop successful, long lasting client relationships.

We are unique in our approach in that we partner with our customers and work closely with you to assess your needs and advise on the most suitable solution. We are not just simply a hydraulic cylinder manufacturer – we build working relationships with our customers and design customised hydraulic cylinder solutions tailored to each individual client requirement.

Why choose Burnside Hydracyl?

As a reputable provider of hydraulic cylinder solutions, here at Burnside Hydracyl we:

  • Understand your machines
  • Design to fit your machines
  • Deliver high quality cylinders to fit your timetable

History of Burnside Hydracyl:

Burnside Hydracyl, as part of the Burnside Group, is a manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders to world leading companies & OEMs for over 35 years.

1974: Burnside Engineering is first founded by 4 Byrne brothers in Ballymoon.

1988: A second production site is opened in Tullow in response to a strong demand for Burnside cylinders.

1990 : PB Mach Tech is set-up to produce hydraulic components for both Burnside plants.

1991: Burnside Engineering GmbH is established as a sales only office in Germany.

1997: A third production site is opened in Carlow to facilitate growing demands from OEM clients.

1998: Burnside Engineering is divided into three separate entities and the Burnside Group of companies is conceived.  The combined floor capacity of all three companies is 28,000 Sq Mts.

The total combined sales from the Burnside Group is valued at €80million.

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