What do we do?

What do we do?

design – manufacture – distribution

Burnside Hydracyl has nearly 40 years’ experience as manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders. Our cylinder range includes single-acting cylinders, double-acting cylinders and telescopic cylinders.

We liaise with clients through all phases of the process beginning with the initial design, right through to production and finally the distribution stage. We have set in place a highly efficient delivery system based on ‘Just-in-Time’ mechanisms resulting in quick transit times worldwide.

Our specialist knowledge as manufacturers of custom-built hydraulic cylinders has attracted a loyal customer base of leading OEMs while our passion for machinery and cylinders, in addition to our ISO 9001 Certified Management Structure,  guarantees a top class service and high quality product.

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Customised hydraulic cylinder designs for your application!

Understanding your machine is integral to the Burnside Hydracyl design process. We do not
mass-produce standard cylinders for distribution – we pride ourselves on designing customised hydraulic cylinder solutions manufactured specific to your machine and to suit your requirements.

We are extremely flexible in our approach. We address the hydraulic cylinder design process in two ways:

  1. Customers deliver us a drawing seeking an identical or similar design based on the drawing
  2. We meet customers on-site to investigate the most appropriate hydraulic cylinder design based on their equipment and machinery.

Through our sophisticated design software and extensive experience, we are fully equipped to facilitate all bespoke hydraulic cylinder design requirements.

Our cutting edge Solidworks 3D design software allows our customers to:

  • Interact fully in the cylinder design process
  • Visualise and detect any component interference
  • Facilitate design changes and modifications
  • Test and validate designs in 3D model , prior to manufacture

Burnside Hydracyl has been designing high quality hydraulic cylinders since 1974 for various industries ranging from the agricultural and construction industry to the recycling and waste management sectors.

Whether you require a single-acting, double-acting or telescopic cylinder, Burnside Hydracyl’s dedicated design team will evaluate your machine and its design requirements. We can then partner with you to produce a top quality hydraulic cylinder solution.

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Specialist manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders for Europe’s leading OEMs!

Burnside Hydracyl operates from a state-of-the-art facility covering a floor space of 10,000m2 at Ballymoon, Carlow. Ballymoon is the original location of Burnside Engineering when it first began production in 1974.

Burnside Hydracyl has garnered significant industry expertise manufacturing hydraulic cylinders for OEMs around the world. We are the chosen hydraulic cylinder solutions partner for OEMs owing to our:

  • Experience spanning over 35 years
  • Expertise in manufacturing customised solutions
  • In-depth understanding of the OEM operational and business process
  • Technical knowledge and know-how
  • Just-In-Time Delivery System

We don’t just supply a product; we are committed to partnering with you to provide a complete solution. We manufacture cylinders specific to your application and work with you through all stages of the process.

Burnside Hydracyl manufactures single-acting ,double-acting and telescopic cylinders for equipment used in used in agriculture, construction, transport, recycling and waste management, mining and tunnel boring, vehicle servicing and automatic parking systems.

All our production processes are carried out in compliance with our ISO 9001 Certified Management Structure. Our accreditation and best practice procedures guarantee that all hydraulic cylinders are manufactured to the highest operational standards by skilled experts using only top-quality materials.

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JIT delivery for quick transit times!

As one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders in Europe, efficient distribution is critical to our success.  We operate on a just-in-time basis and export to countries worldwide. While most of our customers are predominantly located in Europe, we are currently building a global presence and have established successful relationships with OEMs based in the USA, Indonesia and China.

We deliver directly to your production line and are renowned for our quick and on-time transit times.

Our integrated design, manufacture and distribution processes are managed with the utmost efficiency and in accordance with the highest ISO 9001 standards.

Refer to our transit map and timetable to calculate delivery times from our production facility to your desired destination.

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